Crazy Things Testosterone Does in Your Body

Testosterone Does in Your Body

Testosterone – the primary male sex hormone that prevents the development of dementia that enhances libido, energy flow, increase muscle mass and physical strength, burning excess fat, normal bone formation, improve hair growth, the attainment of a man well-being and self-confidence. But with age, male testosterone production by the body decreases. Because of this, it may be many different problems with health and well-being, including the decline of libido, thinning and hair loss, activity decrease, decrease in self-confidence. But it is possible to increase the production of this hormone.

Scientists of the University of Bonn conducted an experiment – a few people were invited to voluntarily participate in the experiment, which meant the use of various ointments and gels that affect the body man. As a result, it was possible to establish how testosterone affects the body. For 46 people was given the gel, for 45 other – a placebo. Placebo – this is the effect of auto-suggestion, when the mind is exposed to imposition. A person can take an ordinary vitamin, but feels its strong effect of this.

Experiment`s resulting

Then all 91 people took part in the experiment, for which they received a certain amount of money. The greater the result – the more persons get money. The results showed that people were honest, who received the testosterone gel. High levels of testosterone increase in people faith in themselves, honesty and truthfulness. Also do not forget that with the increase in the blood levels of the hormone, increased levels of T-lines.

To win her attention

Ongoing investigations at the University of Wayne, two groups of men were gathered to study their body. They had to draw female attention to themselves, to attract a girl, to touch her in any way. Men with low testosterone levels had no chance at it, others – coped with the task. Also winners had high T-levels, so their persistence and determination helped them.

What can do for you “T” level?

Let’s start with the fact that low testosterone was associated with the disease of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Also, the low level of hormones causes the risk of developing heart disease.

Help to get off

Testosterone affects the girls, too. University of Michigan research results furor – it turns out that high levels of the hormone allows women to be sexier, attractive. Although hormone level rise could have a negative impact on the reproductive organs. The scientists also confirmed that sex for women is a simple sedative. These ladies easily reach orgasm; they experience it constantly, every time you have sex.
Sex at peak times

Women have an increased testosterone in the period of ovulation and the menstrual cycle. Maybe this is why women become aggressive and irritable. Men should not be afraid of it, enough to satisfy her, even if in ordinary days, her sex is enough. If the cycle is 27-29 days, then every 4 weeks a woman will have testosterone peak. Also hormone level increases if the partners are not familiar with each other, if sex occurs in unfamiliar places, weekend and after a hard day’s work.

Adult movies

Men, who are addicted to watching porn and erotic films, experienced an orgasm and half hours after the start of the experiment. The surge of testosterone is driven to the desire, but not a true urge to copulate. Man may like a scene in a movie, the sound, the body of the actress, but that does not mean he wants sex.

Financial crisis

Scientists have suggested that men with high testosterone levels are more willing to risk and daring deeds. Scientists have created a virtual reality conditions using a computer, where the subjects had to invest. Men with high levels of T hormone faster and without hesitation decided to take such an action.